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Modern Problems require modern solution. The lockdown period was marked with various innovative webinars, Investor Education sessions and Digi-Talks on diverse topics to keep our investors updated and informed.   


Bringing relevant and reliable news to our investors was a need of the hour. We resumed with our age-old practice of issuing monthly newsletter, only this time in electronic form. Click the above images to access the newspapers.  


09/06/19 Indore

The Jungle Trail

An unique initiative to introduce finance to kids in their language of fun. The event was one of the most lively ones, thanks to the zealous kids and professional trainers. 


15/08/2018 Pune

Financial Independence

An evaluation of financial independence with a focused audience gave our 15th August an extended meaning. The speaker connected the concepts of financial independence with the ABC of financial planning.  

Stay tuned to join us in our next event. Until then, enjoy our World of Wealth Watch

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